We would like to welcome you to the e shop of the company “INTERFLAG” (from here on referred to as the “Company”). We request, that you carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of Use before you use the Web page of our Company.

Each access from your part in the material that you will find in the web page of the Company and each use of this means that you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use applied. Also, it indicates that you have read, comprehended and that you are absolutely conform to the use of it.

Intellectual Property Rights

The total content of this Web page is protected from the Intellectual Property provisions and consists exclusive property of the Company. The content of this Web page cannot be copied, only that for not commercial personal use, with each reserve of all rights of Company, and consequently cannot be copied further, repeated or redistributed with any different way. Acquiring access in this Web page means that you agree and accept the above laws concerning intellectual property.

Personal Data

The company informs visitors and future customers that it does not collect personal data. At the placement of an order via our Web page it is essential that certain personal information will be kept so that it allows the process of the order. Any collection and treatment of personal data will be realized at way legitimate and legal, as the provisions of the Law 2472/1997 about “Protection of Individual from the Treatment of Data of Personal Character”, the decisions and regulations of Αuthority of Protection of Data of Personal Character. The company responsibly declares that any collection and treatment of personal data will be activated exclusively for aims that are connected immediately with the service of the orders and will not be extended further from necessary for that of aim. The company declares that it will not transmit or communicate personal data in third person, unless this is ordered by the Law or the Responsible Authorities.

Description of Products

Our Company tries by all means to provide precise and detailed descriptions of all essential characteristics of the products that we allocate for sale via our Web page. In the event of any substantial difference in appearance, this will not have any repercussion in the main specifications of the product. However, if for any reason, the quoted description of the product does not satisfy you, we request that you communicate with us, so that we resolve any inquiry and assist you in any possible way. The company maintains the right of modification of description and pricing of the products without previous briefing. Any such modification will be in effect once it appears online. All products sold by the company are new. The products arrange with the en force European legislation and the European regulations.

Restriction of Responsibility

Even though, the company allocates all efforts to present with accuracy the products sold, the presentation may contain possible faults (of the press, numerically and depiction). Our company does not guarantee the precision or plenitude of depictions and descriptions or the reliability of each advice, opinion, statement or other information that is reported or sold in the present Web page. The company bears no responsibility with regard to the misuse of the product from the customer. If the customer is a professional or if the products are intended entirely or partly for professional aims, the company has no liability with direct or with indirect way and for any reason. The responsibility of the company is limited to the value of products.

Pricing of Products

The quoted prices of all products sold in the Company's e shop are retail prices that include VAT, for the amount of which the customer will be informed prior to the submission and the process of his order. The price that the customer is debited is set in effect at the exact moment of the order. The company maintains the right of modifying prices, however any such alteration will not influence the already dispatched orders. The company provides for you the choice to select the type of receipt you wish published, proof retail or invoice, supplementing the relative field of Web page. The transaction will be considered complete once the customer receives an confirmation by email. Please, be reminded that the Company is able to retract and not proceed with an order, without any justification, while in this case the price that by any chance already has been collected is returned.



The customer can place his order in the e shop only via e-mail, where he himself fills in the corresponding bulletin of the order. Then the customer receives a confirmation of his order via e-mail. The company has no responsibility for any erroneous mission of e-mail neither for any error at the delivery of parcels due to the erroneous completion of the bulletin by the customer.


The cancellation of orders can only be done via e-mail. Unless stated otherwise, the cancelation has no economic expenses. The customer has the right to cancel his order, unless the receipt or invoice has already been published. In this case, and if the customer does not wish the products he has ordered he needs to send them back without opening them and at the same time state “parcel not acceptable”. In this case the customer will receive a refund within a month's time. Cancellations made within twenty-four hours to the completion of your order.

Availability of products

Our offers in the products and their prices are in effect as long as they appear in the web page and depending on the availability of stock. For more information, we request that you contact our company by phone or via e-mail. The out of stock products are also reported in our web page. When the company is unable to restock a product from the suppliers, it informs the customer for the estimated delay via e-mail. The customer has the right to cancel his order or to select a different one suggested by the Company. This transaction carries no expenses.


The Company offers the following payment alternatives:

1.  With debit of credit card. The company has taken the all essential precessions for the safety of transactions made by credit card.

2. Via Paypal

For further information take a look in the Payment section.

Ownership rights

The Company is held responsible of the merchandise as long as it has not been dispatched and prior to final payment. Once, the proof of sale is issued the customer is responsible of the product's condition.


The products will be dispatched in the address which each customer will have fixed at the submission of his order. The company collaborates with the Fedex OR TNT  high speed transport service (courier), so that it ensures the sure and fast mission of products. The company overwhelms to us each possible effort of mission of products to her customers within the quoted time, in the event however delay for any reason, the Company does not recognize the existence of any responsibility, while the mission of products is conditioned by the corresponding terms of the above service of high speed transports (courier).

Further information regarding to the ways and the expenses of mission you will find in the page Ways of Mission.

Returns Law 2251/1994 "Consumer Protection" (Government Gazette 191 / A / 94) as amended and in force.

The customer needs to inform the company that he/she wishes to return the parcel. The Company needs to receive an e-mail. Returns of products which have been sold via the Web page of our Company are accepted in the following cases:

i. In the event that the Company or its suppliers have made a mistake in the product's condition. Then, the customer has the right to return it within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of this. The returned product ought to be in the most excellent condition, unused and intact in its original package,In this case, the expenses of return will burden the Company.

ii Also, the customer has the right to retrack his order without justification and return the product within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of this, according to the Law about Protection of Consumers. The product should once again be intact and unused in its original package. In this case, the expenses of return will burden the customer.

For reasons of hygiene returns in earrings are unacceptable.

In general about Terms and Conditions of Use

In case a term or condition written above is ruled illegal, invalid or not applicable, then the particular term will be considered as unwritten, without however influencing the application and validity of the remainder terms. The company is able to modify any or the total of Terms and Conditions of Use that are included in the present at any time and the users will be considered to be informed and committed by the changes by the moment where these will be presented in the Web page of Company. The company maintains the right to modify or to erase material of the Web page any time at its exclusive discreetion.

Eligibility to purchase

The use of the Web page is prohibited to people which have not supplemented the 18th year of their age or do not have from the law the required eligibility to purchase.

Applicable Right

All transactions conducted with the Company via the present Web page are conditioned by the provisions and laws in effect in Greece for electronic trade (P.D. 131/2003) as well as from the Law about protection of consumers (Law 2251/1994) that regulates subjects regarding to distance sales.

Resolution of Differences

The Courts of Athens are exclusively responsible for each difference arise and related to the present Web page/ e-shop.